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AlloSys offers the following tools and capabilities:

  • Extensive DC through RF measurement and analysis tools.
  • VNA measurement systems to 6 GHz
  • Spectrum analysis equipment to 22 GHz
  • Numerous general purpose measurement and testing systems

AlloSys also has Design, Test Automation, Simulation, and Analysis tools including:

  • MatLab and Simulink tools including Signal Processing and Communications Toolboxes
  • Agilent Genesys RF CAD software suite including harmonic balance, filter, and electromagnetic modeling capabilities, latest version

AlloSys has rapid prototyping capabilities including

  • Eagle PCB Layout software
  • Pneumatic deposition of solder paste for dense SMT layouts
  • Solder reflow equipment supporting RoHS assembly
  • Precision solder and rework capabilities
  • Microscopic capabilities for assembly and inspection
  • Conventional machining and sheet metal tooling
    • Mill
    • Lathe
    • Sheer
    • Brake
    • Roll


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